Network Hacking It's not overkill! Writing a Wi-Fi Hacking Tool in Python


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Dec 31, 2023
First of all you need to find someone that is selling a $25+ Amazon Gift Card. Any Amount you want.
(You guys can find someone selling Amazon Gift Cards on Craigslist, Ebay, Kijiji ect.. Local Works Better)

2. Send the seller a message and ask them if you can see the three consecutive numbers only those three so you can email amazon to make sure that the card is real and legit and not a spoof card because you need to be sure before you buy it.
(Make it look legit you're not buying the Card from him you just need the three numbers so make something up so he can give you the 3 numbers)

3. Now that the seller send you a picture of the card save the three consecutive numbers.

4. Now Live Chat Amazon you can email them but do Live Chat to get faster respond and tell them that one of your parents or your cousin or aunt ect.. make sure you say there name so say like this "My mom Cindy told me that she have an Amazon gift card as her Christmas present but when she took it of her bag the code was all scratched up and they are not readable so she gave it to me because she can't do nothing with it.
i am wondering what can i do with it please help?"
(Don't copy the exact thing i wrote here. Use it in your own words and change it up so that makes sense and is believable)

5. The guy/girl helping you in the Live Chat will tell you that they can add the balance to your card they just need the three consecutive numbers. Give it to them.

6. ask them how long you need to wait and wait and there you will have a Free Amazon Gift Card Any balance.

Note: Do this as much as you want but do not over do it as some sellers need money for food and you are taking there gift cards so just be aware of that.