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  1. @ ChQP: Yoo mfs
  2. @ HIM001: I'm broke asf fam ,,help me out
  3. @ CyberGod: @Hellokity, vps
  4. @ Hellokity: rdp
  5. @ CyberGod: @maotxb11, this forum is full of hacking content... What you need more?
  6. @ maotxb11: join sir @z3r0c0ps
  7. @ maotxb11: hey help
  8. @ maotxb11: please
  9. @ maotxb11: i want learn hacking
  10. @ CyberGod: @Valhalla, haha. 😂😂
  11. @ CyberGod: @YASEEN+, share and get some
  12. @ Valhalla: Roses are red ....Violets are blue. .....Yall are some Greedy FU*KS .... Im about to sic CyberGod on you :devilish: :devilish: :devilish:
  13. @ YASEEN+: @CyberGod I'm looking for making fully fud my redlline stealer new version is there any guide available here
  14. @ CyberGod: @Valhalla, awesome you have done it right
  15. @ CyberGod: @w7core, it's a very complex method that involves reverse engineering and lot of malware related knowledge
  16. @ w7core: @CyberGod Can you tell me how to find payloads in the cracked softwares
  17. @ Valhalla: @CyberGod, i think i did it correct can you please look
  18. @ CyberGod: @Valhalla, <3 thrillingly waiting
  19. @ Valhalla: @CyberGod, Thank You Very Much Just Checked It !! Some New Configs Will Be Dropping Very Soon
  20. @ CyberGod: @Valhalla, check dm
  21. @ Valhalla: @CyberGod Thank You Very Much I think Using Your Guys Templates Will Look alot Better and it makes it alot easier for users to follow if they all look the same
  22. @ CyberGod: @Valhalla, you can post them in your fvrt template but if you post it in pur template it will be great ... I will dm you the template
  23. @ CyberGod: @w7core, yeah sure we will check your file is there is not any active payload injected by you we will approve it
  24. @ w7core: @CyberGod thanks for letting me know so if i use pixeldrain to upload file then post the pixeldrain link will it work
  25. @ Valhalla: Can Someone on the Team Give me a Template on How "Configs" Need to be Posted/ i cant figure our how cyberqueen Got his Config Resources to look the way it does.. i dont want to waste your Time For Not Properly Posting in that section

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