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ddos script

  1. lkxsecurity

    LKXSecurity l Stresser Panel l Botnet l Origin selection

    🔥 | the most reliable Stresser | Best API on the market. | Origin Selection | Botnet methods 🚰 Features: - 15GB+ AMP per concurrent. - Easy to use website and API. - Perfect service for reselling, due to our large network capacity. - Cheap plans, starting as low as $10/m. - Botnet methods...
  2. B

    Offensive Security Tools KillNet DDos Script By Team Vera [Leaked]

    Killnet is used by a hacking team named vera for their personal use but someone maybe a member of their team has leaked this script so here is the powerful script for our evil souls. Reply below to download that script. Hidden content After download the script just open your terminal and make...