General Rules (Section G)

I. Forum Guidelines for Getting Started on hellofhackers

  1. Use a valid email address during registration. A password will be sent to your email for account recovery, and you may receive important messages from the administration and other users.
  2. If you have any uncertainties or are unsure about how to navigate the forum, please refrain from registering to avoid any misunderstandings. Feel free to browse as a guest instead.
  3. Any activities prohibited by the law, including the Criminal Code, are strictly forbidden on this forum. The administration upholds the law and does not tolerate any violations.
  4. The forum administration cannot be held responsible for the actions or content posted by users. You are solely responsible for your own activities, including reading, writing, and discussions, in accordance with the applicable laws, such as the Criminal Code. As a forum with numerous users, we cannot monitor each individual's actions. We adhere to the legal regulations of the respective jurisdictions, such as the Russian Federation (CIS, Europe, and other countries).
  5. English is the primary language of communication on this forum. Using national languages for communication is strictly prohibited.

II. Guidelines for Community Interaction and Communication

  1. The use of offensive language, obscenities, and insults is strictly prohibited on this forum.
  2. If you encounter insults or offensive behavior directed towards you, do not engage in a retaliatory manner. Instead, report the incident to the administration, and appropriate actions will be taken against the offender.
  3. Advertising third-party links, URLs, projects, groups, and other forums is not allowed on this forum.
  4. Before creating a new topic, please ensure that a similar discussion does not already exist. Use the forum's search function to check for relevant topics. Repeated discussions serve no purpose.
  5. When creating a new topic, place it in the appropriate section. If you accidentally post in the wrong section, inform a moderator, and they will move the topic accordingly.
  6. Discussions regarding the actions of administrators and moderators are not permitted. However, if you disagree with a specific moderator or administrator's actions, you have the right to appeal. Contact the person directly via private message. Constructive, reasonable, and respectful comments will be considered. If the moderator does not respond, you may report the issue to the administrator.
  7. Messages such as "thank you," "agreed," "I will check now," "+1," and similar content are prohibited. Such messages may be removed without prior notice.
  8. Advocating racial, national, political, and religious hatred, as well as any illegal activities, is strictly forbidden. Terrorism, violence, child pornography, and other offensive content are strictly prohibited.
  9. Begging for sympathy, including requesting "likes" or reputation points, is not allowed.
  10. The forum administration reserves the right to delete messages and topics without providing an explanation.
  11. Please remember that, in addition to the general rules, good manners and commonly accepted norms of behavior should be observed at all times.

Note: These guidelines are subject to change, and it is your responsibility to stay updated with the latest forum rules and regulations. Violation of these rules may result in penalties or account suspension.