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Network Hacking Tools Wifi Dumper 91.3 Pro Version

This Prefix Contains Tools That Are Used for Exploiting Vulnerabilities in Network Infrastructure or Conducting Attacks Against Networks.


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May 12, 2024
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WPS dumper: this is a tool for Windows which uses some wifi hacking exploits to attack on WPS network. With the help of this you can directly select and scan our wifi networks and dump its authentication password with the built-in exploits that are build with software.

This software has many features like
Jumpper & Dummper Attack
WPS win
Bruteforce attack

It can hack WPA, wep and some old Wi-Fi protocols

In addition to incorporates several methods to display and check some security flaws discovered both in the protocol of Wps, as in obtaining the WPA/WPA2 by default basing on the Bssid and the Essid.

So we can say it can hack almost all protocols but when it comes to new protocols it can only exploit them via some exploits that are in some versions of routers based on Bssid and Essid

Here is downloading link.
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