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TikTok Phishing Script [Results On Telegram]


Dec 29, 2021
Hello Cyber Souls!
Welcome to a great community HellofHackers where you got free hacking stuff. So today I am with a TikTok phishing script that will send all the results to your telegram bot or group.
Let's get started first of all download the script. As you know you need to upgrade your account or reply to the thread. if you want to unlock hidden content.
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Now it's time to make a bot on telegram so we can receive results via API.
  • Open telegram
  • Search @BotFather
  • Open the bot with a bluetick
  • If it's your first time so you need to click start
  • If you already created a bot or use @BotFather
  • You can simply send this command from the menu or you can manually type and send.
  • Command "/newbot"
  • Now it will ask for a name you can type any name and hit enter
  • now it will ask for a username type any username but it must end with "Bot". For example, if you want to name your bot "results" your username will be like this "ResultsBot"
  • Now Bot will reply to you with an API copy of that API. (API will be highlighted with red color)
  • Now you have your bot token.

Let's move on to 2nd step now you have 2 methods.
select as you wish
  • Results directly to your bot.
  • Results on Your Group

Results directly to your bot.
For This, You Have To search your bot on telegram and click start so the bot can send you messages. now send any message to the bot.
Search @chatid_echo_bot and open it
now click the start button and you will get your chatid.
copy your chat id and save it on your notepad for the next step.


Results On Your Group (Recommended)
Create a private group on telegram.
Search your bot and add it to your group.
Now open
and open your group you will find your group id at the end of the URL

just like this picture
copy from - to the last number
Just like the picture given below


Now move on next step

Extract the script and open hellofhackers.php
In the token variable, specify the bot token that issued @BotFather
In the chat_id variable, specify either your personal id or the id of the group where notifications will receive
just like my picture below


Note I am using the group method.
That's it save these changings.

Now Upload the whole code on a hosting and send your URL (domain) to your victim.
When a victim will log in you will get results on your telegram group just like the picture below.


Hope you enjoy this tutorial follow me on this forum and get notifications about my new threads directly to your email.
Happy Hacking! :)
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