Malware Lost®Door Malware Private Edition

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Feb 26, 2022
What is Lost Door?
Lost Door RAT is a Remote Administration Tool that can infect Windows operating systems from 95 to windows 11. is a product by Hackers®Insides Inc. and its programmer is a Tunisian computer specialist Oussama L. nicknamed Unique Oussamio built using Visual Basic. It uses the typical server, server builder, and client program configuration to allow a remote user, who uses the client, to execute arbitrary code on the compromised machine (which runs the server whose behavior can be controlled by the server editor). The server component (40,053 bytes) when running, connects to a predefined IP address on TCP port 9481, awaiting commands from the remote user who uses the client component can execute arbitrary code at will on the compromised machine. it is a popular malware found on Russian forums. Links for downloading versions of the malware are periodically posted on several platforms and discussions about its abilities are held. A deeper investigation of this malware revealed its origins to be Tunisian, owing to the fact that it is displayed on different platforms as the first Tunisian RAT tool. Lost Door RAT Can be a Total Controller

Lost Door Establish a Direct communication with the server-side using direct chat or windows Messages
Auto start
Get/Edit the Registry Entries of windows startup
Key Logging
Lost Door have two methods of key-logging online methods is to get live keystrokes or offline get Saved keystrokes
Process Manager
[+] List / Terminate active Process on the Remote Machine
Dos Commands
[+] Execute remotely Dos Commands
Applications Manager
[+] List/ Uninstall Application on the Remote Machine
Windows Manager
[+] List active windows on the server machine and control it Hide/Maximize/ Minimize/Rename
Funny Stuff
[+] Control windows Features as Open /Close CD drive, Swap Mouse, Hide Show taskbar, Hide Show Icons, and others
Power Configuration
[+] Control the remote machine Restart / Shutdown / Logoff User
Control Panel
[+] Run Control Panel Features
[+] Print Anything on the Remote Printer
[+] Execute a path or an installed app on the remote machine
Download And Run
[+] Download and Run from a provided Link directly into the remote machine
Desktop and Camera Viewer
[+] Stream Live Desktop and webcam with the option to save the streaming as AVI
Files Manager
[+] Manage Remotely Remote Machine Files Download/Upload /Run /Delete/ Rename /Copy /Set-hidden .
Chrome Passwords
[+] Get Chrome Save URL & User & passwords / Run A page
Server Settings
[+] Manage The remote Server Rename/Delete/Restart
Server Builder
[+] Build Your Own Customized Server add desirable Features as Crypted Reverse Connection IP/ Connection Delay /Run on Startup /Crypted Folder/Customized Name in Process/Fake Message On execution/Disable Firewall/Spread Server via USB & P2P/Protect Process/Disable Regedit/ Disable task manager/Melt After Run/Set Hidden/ Save and Load Setting you can use a fast Creation mode if you don't know what all of this means
Client Customize
[+] You Can customize the client as you wish Chose Connection Port / Flag detection by language or Ip/ Use Ballon /Picture Notification/ Chose Alert Sound/ transparency/ Chose Language and Save load Settings
[+] An imposter is a tool that allows to create a server with a download and execute uploaded exe and pretend to browse of website or to run software.

What are the benefits of buying Lost door Private Edition?

[+] The Server Is Full Undetectable From all Av (Run & Scan Time)

[+] You will Receive technical Support

[+] The Server Is personal 5 months Guaranteed If it got detected it will be replaced by an other

[+] The Private Version Can be Edited to fit your desire

[+] Price : 180 Euro ( Convertable into your own Currency )
[+] Acceptable payment's Methods : Hell USD, Bitcoins.