Blackhat Earning How You Can Make Money From Our Forum By Cracking Accounts.


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Dec 23, 2021
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In This Thread, I Will Tell You How You Can Make Money From Our Forum By Cracking.
First Of All, You Should Have Full Knowledge About Cracking (Wanna Learn Cracking? Learn From Here)
Then Use Forum Tools To Crack Premium Accounts.
Now You Have Premium Accounts That You Can Sell But That Is Not Enough You Still Don't Have A Main Thing And That Is "Trust" Yes Trust.
Let's Get Some Trust So We Can Start Making Some Bucks By Selling Accounts.
Note: Never Directly Post Your Thread In Marketplace Follow All My Steps Than Start Selling Accounts.

  1. First Make Some Social Media Accounts Like A Facebook Page, Telegram Channel, or Discord Server, This Will Increase Your Trust Ratio.
  2. Then You Have To Make A Logo For Your New Brand. Use Because It's Really Easy And Noob Friendly.
Now Your Brand Is Visible On Internet.

Now You Need A Forum To Manage Your Bussiness. Always Choose A Small Forum If You Want To Build Trust Because Famous Forum Already Have So Much Trusted Sellers That Will Make Your Trust Growing Ratio Very Slow. Is The Best Option For This Work. Now You Have All The Prerequirements. Let's Get Into The Main Game.

First Of All, You Have To Contribute To The Forum. If You Are Selling Accounts The Best Option Is To Giveaway Some Free Accounts On Daily Bases On The Forum Account Section. When You Will Start Getting Back To Back Traffic That Will Increase Your Trust Growing Ratio.
After 20 To 30 Days, It's Time To Make Some Bucks. Now You Have To Make A Shop You Can Make A Shop On Or You Can Make Your Own Shop So You Don't Have To Give Percentage Of Your Sells.
Follow These Threads To Get Started.
1{Make Your Own Account Shop} - Pending
2{Make Shop On} - Pending

Here Are Some Precations You Must Have To Follow.
  • Don't Spam Or Advertise Without Permission On Any Forum. Spamming On A Forum Will Lead To Ban And You Game Will Be Over.
Do Advertisement With A Sharp Way. Use Your Brain In These Things.

1: Use Your Signature Area To Tell About You Are Selling Some Accounts Use A Beautiful Banner To Do That. To Make A Banner Read This Thread.
2: Add Your Shop Link In The Website Section Of The Forum.

Note: Never Redirect Your Traffic From Your Forum To Other Platforms That Will Lead You To Ban.

No One Will Like That Their Traffic Is Going Outside On Your Social Media Accounts. They Will Definitely Ban You. Put Your Social Media Links Also In Forum About Section Or Signature Like The Shop.
The Best Tip Is To Redirect Your Social Media Traffic To Your Forum Threads And Profile. Just Like @Torman @HackingAssets .
This Trick Will Also Grow Your Trust Ratio.
Never Choose Multiple Forums For Selling Accounts Because That Will Slow Down Your Progress And Managing Multiple Forums Is Really Messy. So Avoid This Mistake
Read Our Forum Advertising And Martkpalce Rules Before Getting Started. - Pending