Everything About Glowies - Online Communication Spy Agents


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Mar 12, 2024
Okay, so first of all, you should know what I am talking about.

I am simply referring to FBI and CIA agents. So, why don't I just use "FBI" or "CIA" as names? Good question; everybody knows about the feds.

However, there are also some terms that are used for them.

So, you might be wondering where this term "glowies" (or "Glownigger") comes from.

It's a very popular term used in different forums, especially on dark web forums or forums where extremists gather. But why am I discussing it here? Because basically, extremists use Tor as a good option for them, but these "glowies" spy on the Tor network. Sounds interesting? Want to know how? Then read this thread.

Here are some other terms that are used for fbi and cops [ Official Wiki Page Link]

So let's get into the story. On the first this term was used by

Terry A. Davis (computer programmer best known for creating and designing TempleOS)​

Because he reported that the FBI and CIA are spying on him, and he used terms like "glownigger" and "Glowis" multiple times to refer to cops. He also mentioned "glownigger glow in the dark" in one of his YouTube videos. But why are the feds spying on him? Because he was also part of some extremist groups. That's why. This term gained fame in certain forums and Telegram channels where propaganda against the government, specifically the American government, was discussed. "Glowies" are also known for owning some exit nodes to spy on traffic after users because extremists and people planting propaganda against the government use Tornetwork as their main network. And yes, not just extremists; hackers also use Tor as their security layer. So, that's why I posted this thread. Some of the admins showed concern about Tor and decided to move to ZeroNet and also recommended users to use coded languages to avoid detection. One of their famous methods is to use game names like Minecraft, etc., as their coded language to discuss violent things.
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