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AceFile Google Drive Sharer Script | Share Movies From Google Drive Without Getting Banned

Dec 29, 2021

Acefile is a script that is used to share your google drive file across the internet without getting banned sometimes we have to share copyrighted movies and songs, but we can't share them because we instantly get banned because of DMCA act. So here is the solution!
  1. Download Via Visitor Google Drive Account.
  2. Embed VideoPLayer That Play Video Directly Via Visitor Google Drive Account
  3. Users can upload any file on the site via a public link on google drive
  4. Vast ad support on the media player.
Admin = Site Owner (Script Owner)
User = The Person Who Wants To Share The File
Visitor = The Person Who Wants To Download That File.

Admin Process.
In our case, we are the admins. Admin has to host the script on a webserver. After completing the setup process admin can monetize his site via any ad network like google Adsense or ADsterra E.T.C to make some money via his service or also provide ad space on his site to make some income.
  1. Admin can monetize via normal ads.
  2. Admin can also make money via vast (video) ads
User Process.
First of all, the user has to upload the file to google drive. Then the user will log in to the site. After the login process user will be redirected to the home page. Where he has to click upload to get the list of all files available on his google drive. Now he can click "select" and the gdrive files will be listed in a menu. Now he has to select the file he wants to share. After that, he will get the link to the file to share it online.

In this process, the visitor who wants to download the file has to authenticate via his google account & the script will ask for his google drive permission. (Just like the user). After getting the permissions script will move the file (copyrighted movie or song) directly to his google drive no direct download link will be provided. Now the script will start downloading the file from his google drive automatically with the high speed of google servers. After completing the service file will be automatically deleted from the visitor's google drive

Download Script.

You must reply before you can see the hidden data contained here.
The script Setup (Config.php) File is in the library folder.
SQL File is in the Database folder.

Note: The full setup tutorial can be posted after a good response or request by a premium member.
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