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  1. MrDeViL23

    Course Ceh V12 full course free download

    CERTIFIED ETHICAL HACKER (CEH) V.12 Intro To Ethical Hacking : Recon Techniques - Footprinting And Recon : Recon Techniques - Scanning Recon Techniques - Enumeration : System Hacking Phases And Attack Techniques - Vulnerability Analysis : System Hacking Phases And Attack Techniques - System...
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    Article/Tutorial Advanced JavaScript injections

    A simple JavaScript injection like this ‘-alert(1)-’ or even \’-alert(1)// , usually manages to pop up a vulnerable page warning box when input reflection occurs inside a script block and HTML injection is not possible. But there are cases where the point of injection is in the middle of more...
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    Article/Tutorial WordPress vulnerabilities and their exploitation for a novice pentester

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    Article/Tutorial Find Admin Page / Find admin panels

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    Article/Tutorial A non-standard way to get shells through the search for backups

    A non-standard way to get shells through searching for backups In this example, I will consider a way to get Wordpress shells, however this strategy is applicable to many engines using the AccessBomber complex. So, I took the database of Wordpress site domains (14kk), compiled a list of files...
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    Article/Tutorial Windows Exploitation Using HTML Injection / RCE Contact File

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    Article/Tutorial Web Cache Deception Attack

    Web Cache Deception Attack In the chapter on identity theft protection, I talked about preventive measures, the first of which is comprehensive security, which includes not only device protection, but also knowledge, skills and habits. One of these habits is to check all the links you get for...