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    Web RCE, (Wordpress) Social Warfare Plugin <=3.5.2, CVE-2019-9978

    CVE-2019-9978 is a remote code execution vulnerability that affected versions of the Social Warfare plugin for WordPress up to and including version 3.5.2. This vulnerability allowed an attacker to execute arbitrary code on a vulnerable website by exploiting a vulnerability in the plugin's REST...
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    Web CVE-2018-9206 in jQuery File Upload

    Expert Larry Cashdollar of Akamai SIRT (Security Intelligence Response Team) has discovered a dangerous issue CVE-2018-9206 in the popular jQuery File Upload plugin created by German developer Sebastian Tschan, better known as Blueimp. Vulnerable are all plugin versions up to version 9.22.1...
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    Remote Exploit for RCE Vulnerability CVE-2015-1538

    CVE-2015-1538 is a remote code execution vulnerability that was found in the Linux kernel in 2015. It affected versions of the kernel up to and including 3.19. The vulnerability was caused by a flaw in the keyring handling code in the kernel. The vulnerability allowed an attacker to execute...
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    Web Hacking 0day on Zoom: 4+ million webcams and maybe RCE? Just get them to visit your site!

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