1. S

    Rats Crew All in One

    Rats Crew AIO - Essential Tools for Crackers and Hackers Explore Rats Crew AIO, the all-in-one toolkit tailored for crackers and hackers seeking advanced capabilities. This powerful software bundle includes essential features such as File Pumper, Extension Spoofer, and Icon Changer, designed to...
  2. S

    ViralTool - Cracked

    Viral Tool - Create Malware Easily | Crackers' Favorite Software Explore Viral Tool, the ultimate software designed for crackers to create sophisticated malware effortlessly. In today's digital age, threats are more prevalent than ever, making tools like Viral Tool indispensable for...
  3. S

    Petya and GoldenEye Ransomware Builder

    GoldenEye: A sophisticated ransomware blend of Petya and MISCHA, designed for data theft through deceptive email tactics. Unlock the potential of GoldenEye, a potent ransomware variant combining the destructive capabilities of Petya and MISCHA. This versatile tool, favored by cybercriminals for...
  4. H

    Premium Only Hakuna Matata Ransomware Builder 1.7

    Hakuna Matata Ransomware Introducing Hakuna Matata, the cutting-edge solution for intermittent encryption. With intermittent encryption, it is undetectable and can encrypt terabytes of data in just a few minutes Every time you open this app, a unique public and private key is generated...
  5. D

    Redline Stealer Update 2023

    This malware harvests information from browsers such as saved credentials, autocomplete data, and credit card information. A system inventory is also taken when running on a target machine, to include details such as the username, location data, hardware configuration, and information regarding...
  6. MrDeViL23

    verci spy all in one Rat+worm+ransomware

    Verci Spy Manager is a powerful tool designed for remote administration and cybersecurity. Developed by Saher Blue Eagle and Cyber Splitter, this software is a go-to solution for IT professionals who want to secure their networks and perform remote administration tasks efficiently. Underground...