1. The-Zeros

    Source Code Image-MetaDataExtractor

    # Image Metadata Extractor This program allows you to extract metadata from images. ## Installation 1. Clone the repository: ```` git clone https://github.com/MalikShoaib678/Image-metadata-extractor.git ``` 2. Install dependencies: ```` pip install pillow argparse ``` ##...
  2. The-Zeros

    Source Code DarkCrawler(beta version)

    # 🌐 Web Crawler This script is a powerful 🕷️ web crawler designed to scan and analyze subdomains. It efficiently crawls through websites, providing valuable insights and information. ## Usage To use the script, follow these steps: 1. Ensure you have the necessary libraries installed: -...
  3. D

    Source Code [FREE CODE] [Python] [PoC] SAST Low Hanging Fruit

    Hi folks, This is my first collab. It's a modest Python script that : Downloads N GitHub repos based on a search term (you can filter by language, org, starts, etc.) Runs three SAST tools: Bandit, Pyright and Semgrep to look for critical vulnerabilities. If there are no vulns found, then...