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    Evil Twin AP

    hello everyone these days im trying to create evil twin AP by myself using hostapd and dnsmasq tools and HTML captive portal i did make it by my self but i didn't know how to set it up. can any one teach me how to do it with the commands? thank you
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    Tool to search for victims email?

    Looking to target a specific person vs combo combing. If anyone could help, doesn’t matter if i can find the email by name or social. Thanks in advance :)
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    🎣 Advanced Phishing

    🎣 Advanced Phishing 69 sites to impersonate we can even do it manually Work with multiple tunnels not just ngrok Includes email service and VPN Hidden content
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    General Hacking How to post PHISHING links on Facebook & spread it though mIRc

    Hello, we all know that Facebook has url cache, so you cannot post any link that has a FAKE Facebook page. So here it is... Do your phishing page and after that make a simple HTML file that redirects to your phishing page, and post that on Facebook. <meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" content="0...
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    Social Engineering Tools TLS Email Spoofing - Send Email From Any Email Available On The Internet

    Greetings, fellow evil souls of Hellofhackers! I developed a fascinating tool that I wanted to share with you all. It's a php web program that allows you to send emails from just about any email address you can think of, even those associated with big tech companies like United-Internet. This...