1. S

    OpenBullet 2 v0.2.5

    Unlock the Power of Automation: OpenBullet 2 - Your Ultimate Cross-Platform Cracking Companion Discover the power of OpenBullet 2, the versatile cross-platform automation suite driven by .NET Core. With its robust capabilities, this tool empowers users to execute requests on target web...
  2. Astaroth

    OpenBullet/Loli Cracking Config [VM]

    Valhalla submitted a new resource: Cracking Config [VM] - Crack [VM] Accounts WIth OpenBullet - [VM] .loli Config Read more about this resource...
  3. CyberGod

    OpenBullet/Loli American Eagle + Akamai Bypass Premium Config

    Hello Cyber Souls! Today I Am Giving You A New Config For Cracking American Eagle + Akamai Bypass Accounts. This .loli Config Is For Official Open Bullet 1, So You Need To Download Open Bullet Software From Our Forum Here Is The Link...
  4. CyberGod

    OpenBullet Version 1.2.2 [Official Last Release]

    What Is An Account Checker? An account checker is an attack tool that takes lists of leaked username and password pairs and tests them against a website. The most common type of account checker is the one that just checks for a valid username and password combination on a specific website...