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  1. CyberGod

    Source Code USB Spread C# & .Net Malware Source Code

    What is this program to do? infects all folders on flash media, that is, when the folder is launched , the distributor itself will start , you can also glue the build file itself with your exe. Write in a coma what functionality you would like to see this USB Spread. Download:- Hidden content
  2. CyberGod

    Source Code ISFB Gozi Banking Malware [ Source Code + Builder]

    Gozi ISFB is a well-known and widely distributed banking trojan and has been in the threat landscape for the past several years. ISFB is a bot program designed to analyze and modify HTTP traffic on the client's computer. Support:- Supports all 32 and 64 bit Windows, starting with Windows XP...
  3. CyberGod

    Source Code Alina Malware (Alina Spark) Source Code

    Alina is a Point of Sale Malware or POS RAM Scraper that is used by cybercriminals to scrape credit card and debit card information from the point of sale system.It first started to scrape information in late 2012. It resembles JackPOS Malware. Process of Alina POS RAM Scraper[edit] Once...
  4. CyberGod

    Source Code Gh0st Rat 3.6 Source Code

    Gh0st RAT is a Trojan horse for the Windows platform that the operators of GhostNet used to hack into many sensitive computer networks.[2] It is a cyber spying computer program. The "Rat" part of the name refers to the software's ability to operate as a "Remote Administration Tool". The...