1. Y

    General Hacking How to hide a logger in a picture (vol. #1)

    We continue to talk about the traps of cyberdetectives. How and with what you can hide the logger. 1️⃣ Create an html file (https://moonback.ru/page/html5-blank-template) (done in notepad) with a built-in logger (invisible pixel). You can do this in the iplogger (https://iplogger.org/) or...
  2. J

    YouTube Server Spreading: The Ultimate Guide for RAT, Keylogger, and Botnet

    Today, I will be teaching you how to spread your RAT, Keylogger, or botnet through YouTube. In this tutorial, we will register for a YouTube account, rip a legit video, and upload it as our own to spread our server. Step-by-step guide to spread your server via YouTube: 1. Register for a...
  3. 0

    How to Spread a RAT/Keylogger as a Torrent and Get Victims/Slaves

    Hello, today I'm going to teach you how to make and spread your RAT/Keylogger as a torrent. Torrent spreading is a great method to get slaves. You will need to bind your virus to a legitimate program, or you WILL be IP banned, and your torrent will be deleted from most torrent websites. I...
  4. MrDeViL23

    verci spy all in one Rat+worm+ransomware

    Verci Spy Manager is a powerful tool designed for remote administration and cybersecurity. Developed by Saher Blue Eagle and Cyber Splitter, this software is a go-to solution for IT professionals who want to secure their networks and perform remote administration tasks efficiently. Underground...