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    Dos RCE, Internet Explorer 9\10\11 (VBScript Engine), CVE-2019-0667

    VBScript: Memory corruption in VbsErase Related CVE Numbers: CVE-2019-0667. There is an issue in VBScript in the VbsErase function. In some cases (see the attached PoC), VbsErase fails to clear the argument variable properly, which can trivially lead to crafting a variable with the array...
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    Unlocking Secret Passwords: A Step-by-Step Guide for Chrome and Internet Explorer

    Hello evil souls! Today, I will be teaching you how to unhide or reveal passwords in your web browser (specifically Chrome and, to a lesser extent, Internet Explorer). Hidden content By doing this, the hidden password will now be in text instead of dots. If any of this still does not make...