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  1. Chad

    Article/Guide A Beginner's Guide to Obtaining Someone's IP Address Using A Forum

    Notice: I am new to hacking, so I'm unsure about the process. The following content is written off the top of my head. What you will need: Brain Computer Internet access Hands Forum (Must be your own forum or have admin privileges on a particular forum) Coffee (Optional) Hidden content Pro...
  2. T

    Craxsrat V:3.7 the best Android RAT out there!!! Leaked!!! 🔥

    Hidden content CraxsRat V3.7 New Update - GENERAL: -New interface better / Easier / bigger -Edit connections info support Multiple clients at once -major improvement and Bug fixes -More Stable + Longer Connection -Auto Clicker Faster/Smoother -Builder Now Shows error in case Found...
  3. 0

    Article/Guide A Guide to Hacking School Grading Systems [ Change your grades! ]

    Hidden content
  4. D

    Course The Complete Ethical Hacking Course

    ◾️ Hacking Lab setup ◾️ Kali Linux 101 ◾️ Anonymity Online ◾️ Dark Web ◾️ Network Pentesting ◾️ Wireless Attacks ◾️ Post Connection Attacks ◾️ System Pentesting ◾️ Attacks On users ◾️ Social Engineering ◾️ Social Media Security ◾️ Beef ◾️ External Networks Attacks ◾️ Fake Game websites attack ◾️...
  5. T

    World wind stealer 3.0.1

    Worldwind stealer steals logs and sends directly on your telegram bot... NOTE:- I AM NOT DVELOPER OF THIS TOOL WHAT U DO IS NOT MY RESPONSIBILITY... HAPPY HACKING Hidden content