1. MalwareGod

    CraxsRat V6 Uncracked Android Rat By EVLF Dev |

    As You Know Evlf released the last version of his project Craxsrat which is version 6 also set its price at 5000$. That's a lot I know. This version of the rat is totally fud and also capable of infecting the latest version of Android 14. Infecting Android 14 is really a hard task because of the...
  2. H

    CRAXSRAT Update 4.9.4 WORTH 800$ FREE CRACKED!!!!CLEAN....!!!

    Download link:- removed for breaking rules BEST ANDROID RAT OUT THERE SO FAR!!! Craxs Rat Update V4.9 [UPDATE] New interface better / Easier / bigger [UPDATE] Edit connections info support Multiple clients at once [UPDATE] Auto Clicker Faster/Smoother [UPDATE] Live Screen New Block Mode...
  3. CyberGod

    CraxsRat V3 Cracked Download

    Craxsrat is a remote access trojan that allows a user to remotely control an Android device through a Windows PC. It has a range of features, including a file manager, live screen monitoring and control, camera monitoring, activity monitoring, microphone listening and speaking, and automatic...