chatgpt prompt

  1. CyberDemon

    Get A Monthly Content Calendar In 1 Click

    To Get a beautifully organized 4-week content calendar with the help of chatgpt single prompt that targets your primary keyword. You first have to copy the prompt from here :- Hidden content Now paste this prompt in chatgpt and replace the [Your Keyword] with your keyword. For example, hacking...
  2. CyberDemon

    OutRank Any Article On The Internet With A Single ChatGpt Prompt

    Hey cyber souls ! today I will tell you how you can outrank an article with just a single command with the help of chatgpt. First, go to then copy this prompt and paste it into the message box. Prompt:- Hidden content now replace the with the actual URL of your target...
  3. CyberDemon

    Generate An S.E.O Human Written Article Via A Single Prompt On ChatGpt

    Hello Evil Souls! Today i will teach you how you can generate a human-like article with chatgpt. The article will be generated via a specific prompt. Prompt will give instructions to chatgpt and force it to write a human tone article. 90% article will be like human tone. You can use a.i...