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  1. MrDeViL23

    Course Web Security & Bug bounty Learn Penetration Testing course 2022

    ✅ BUG BOUNTY COURSE 2022 Topic 1 Introduction To Bug Bounty 2 Our Virtual Lab Setup 3 Website Enumeration & Information Gathering 4 Introduction To Burpsuite 5 HTML Injection 6 Command Injection_Execution 7 Broken Authentication 8 Bruteforce Attacks 9 Sensitive Data Exposure 10 Broken Access...
  2. BugTor

    Article/Tutorial Remote code execution (RCE) - Bug Bounty Basic

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  3. BugTor

    Article/Tutorial Blind SQL Injection - Bug Bounty Basic

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  4. 2pac

    Article/Tutorial PHP disable_functions bypass with Chankro

    I read a review about this, and there the guys went the other way when they got the php shell. Instead of just using php functions to find the certificate and key needed to access a private https page, the researchers there are using Chankro to bypass disabled functions and run arbitrary code. I...
  5. 2pac

    Article/Tutorial How to Turn a Medium XSS Vulnerability into a Critical Vulnerability

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  6. 2pac

    Article/Tutorial Shodan: DataBase non password & web shell

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  7. 2pac

    Article/Tutorial Sending commands. How to make a popular server-side mailer execute arbitrary code

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  8. ErrorHunter

    Article/Tutorial OCBrute - Brute force password hash from the OpenCart CMS admin panel

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  9. Bugs Bunny

    Article/Tutorial Reading a file by replacing ls with nano and modifying PATH

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