browser stealer

  1. D

    Anarchy RAT cracked Update 2023

    Features : ~ Ransomware Encrypting all disks Decryption via a key or remotely via a panel Blocking Task Manager, Process Hacker.. Deleting System Restore Points ~ Remote Desktop ~ Remote HVNC - Hidden Desktop - Hidden Browsers: - Hidden Chrome - Hidden Firefox - Hidden Edge - Hidden Brave -...
  2. D


    Advanced Stealer the sends logsg directly to your telegram account from a encrypted bot that you create yourself. Updates will get posted regularly in we private chat for anyone who purchases the software. Functions -Autofill -Cookies -Passwords -Bookmarks -History -Credit Cards -Steals System...
  3. D

    🧨 CryptoCurrencies V1.1 Wallet Stealer 🧲🔑📟

    very simple wallet stealr which work for ppcoin teracoin litecoin and bitcoin How to use it ? You need to select if you're using a FTP or a GMail. Then, enter your credentials into the boxes that are made for that. Then, click on build, put some y0l0 sw4g name and spread to your victims. PROFIT...
  4. Hassan Amiri

    LimeStealer v0.1 [Stealer Results On Email]

    A very simple application as browser recovery. It will send to you an email with all passwords. I will add keylogger, downloader, spreader and many features next update. Some ideas for next version [+] Keylogger | supports multi-languages [+] Spreader | spread USB [+] Disabler | disable some...