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    General Hacking BlackHat Europe Training [2020]

    Content List 1. From Zero to Sixty - The Story of North Korea's Rapid Ascent to Becoming a Global Cyber Superpower 2. Finding Bugs Compiler Knows but Doesn't Tell You-Dissecting Undefined Behavior Optimizations in LLVM 3. Cross-Site Escape - Pwning macOS Safari Sandbox the Unusual Way 4...
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    General Hacking BlackHat Asia Training [2021]

    40 Videos Content List:- 1. BitLeaker- Subverting BitLocker with One Vulnerability 2. Complexity Killed Security 3. Engineering Cybersecurity for a Nation- What Singapore is Learning from Cars and Sanitation 4. The Black Hat NOC- Greatest Hits and Holy...Cows 5. Escaping Virtualized Containers...