1. @ CyberGod: @VenomByets, atleast search youtube for that
  2. @ CyberGod: @VenomByets, sorry if you dont even know about smtp how i can say you will able to do spoofing of email
  3. @ CyberGod: @VenomByets,
  4. @ VenomByets: what is smtp and i dont know how to upleod it on php server
  5. @ CyberGod: @VenomByets, get and smtp put in this src and upload on a php server and done
  6. @ VenomByets: how do i perform it
  7. @ VenomByets: I really need to do a email spoofing attack right now
  8. @ CyberGod: @VenomByets, buddy i was happy to do that but it takes a lot of time and efforts to do this thing i will contact see same type of service that we are planning to launch and tell you about them becuase i rearly avalible on this forum
  9. @ VenomByets: is there any advance website
  10. @ VenomByets: how do I perform email spoofing
  11. @ VenomByets: I need info about emails every day can I text you for that?
  12. @ CyberGod: @VenomByets, yes
  13. @ VenomByets: do you have telegram @CyberGod
  14. @ VenomByets: @CyberGod ok understood
  15. @ CyberGod: @VenomByets, its just sort of some public breaches
  16. @ CyberGod: @VenomByets, the database is currently under development stage so without making sure infra is fully secure i cant share the access
  17. @ H4K3R: @VenomByets
  18. @ H4K3R: yeah if @CyberGod is happy coz this come under premium i guess
  19. @ VenomByets: can i get it?
  20. @ VenomByets: yes
  21. @ H4K3R: @VenomByets do you need a video tutorial
  22. @ VenomByets: @CyberGod can i get a beta of your database
  23. @ H4K3R: Yeah please @CyberGod in last few days he messaged me in a thread that he feels like he is online and no one other is helping him and all
  24. @ VenomByets: he gave a source code to email spoofing how do i run it what tools i need
  25. @ H4K3R: @VenomByets whats the exact problem or what exactly are you looking for?